A Wax Vaporizer is an innovative new way to enjoy your favorite concentrate. Simply place a few drops in a small bowl and heat it up. You then turn the concentrate into a liquid by pouring it into your tank. There are many uses for a Wax Vaporizer, here we have listed the top 5:

The Top 5 Uses of Wax Vaporizer

Conventional: Most people believe that there is only one approved way to consume a hot wax liquidizer, and that’s to inhale it straight through the nose. This is not true! In fact, you can also consume your concentrate with your mouth. There are two varieties of oral and portable vapes, the first is the proprietary blend which is basically a concentrated base. The second is the traditional “shake and sip” style, which is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a liquid beverage that you simply enjoy.

Buddha: Many people enjoy a nice warm tall glass of thc vape juice. But why stop at the fruit flavor? There are also many different types of infused watermelon, grapefruit, coconut, and peach. You can even find shatter with a taste close to marijuana concentrate.

Blunts: Blunts are another popular method of consuming cannabis wax. These are very similar to inhalation but only work a little bit differently. Instead of inhaling the concentrated herb, you smoke it out of a “smoke wax out of a vaporizer pen”. These pens look a lot like electronic cigarettes, but they use a lower voltage and don’t produce smoke. Popular blunts include Shisha, Diesel, and Butterbar.

EJ Mix: While we’re on the subject of smoke, a eJmix is a quick and easy way to enjoy Buddha. The eJmix is a new product that combines vaporizing wax and an electric puff device. EJ Mix offers three different flavors: Vanilla Almond, Strawberry Lemon, and Grapefruit. They are small enough to go in your pocket or purse, and easy enough for anyone to carry. The added benefit of using eJ Mix instead of smoking buds is that you can enjoy your favorite ej juice without worrying about getting too high.

Using Your Own Vaporizer

Vaporizers: Vaporizers offer a slightly different method of consuming a Mix. Instead of using the eJMix kit, you use your own vaporizer. They are available in two different models: the small glass bowl style, and the large stainless steel box style. Both have their advantages, and both will help you enjoy your ej juice.

Concentrated Weed Concentrate: If you prefer to dab rather than smoke, then you may want to consider investing in one of the specialized wax vaporizer pens. These pens use concentrated cannabis in a concentrate bottle to produce a customized concentrated blend of ejuice. The concentrates can range from coconut concentrate, to angel hair, to a variety of other specialty concentrates depending on your tastes.

Vape Juice Kits: Vaporizing weed is fun and easy! But, there are a few things you need to get started. Luckily, there are many vaporizing devices available, including wax pens and concentrates. A popular option is the Wax Q4, which has received rave reviews from consumers. Other popular options include the Hitbox 2.5mm pen and the Vaporwave 2.5 inch pen. All three of these devices help you easily and professionally create your own personal blend of ejuice in the comfort of your own home.

Wax Atomizers: Liquidizer for Wax are another way to turn your favorite leaf into a flavorful liquid. The wax collects the herb and turns it into a fine mist that you can breathe through your lungs. Most vaporizers use an atomizer that pushes the herb and water through a tube. The atomizer is then removed and the herb settled down into a reservoir. You pour the liquid through the tube, enjoying a sweet and aromatic sensation as you inhale in the process.

Bubble Hash or Shatter: Many vapers have enjoyed the benefits of experimenting with fragrant oils like coconut and bud. While experimenting, sometimes a nice sweet flavor can develop by combining these oils with other less preferred plant fragrances. Creating a unique blend of sweet coconut, sweet rose, and robust grapefruit is a great way to turn your favorite herbal concoction into a delicious hot toddy. To achieve the bubble hash effect, simply dissolve the CBD oil or hash in a cup of hot water and pour over warm coffee or tea.

Potpourri Kit: The last method we will discuss in this article is a potpourri kit. These kits are very easy to make. All it takes is a few essential oils, some wax and some craft paint to create your own potpourri. From cookies, to candles and oil blends, creating your own potpourri is very simple and the end result is great!