The era of the internet has been a force of change for everyone across the globe. There was a time in America when marijuana was never going to be legalized. It was a taboo subject and no one wanted to have anything to do with it. Then the tides of information came through and people’s minds started to open up to the idea that maybe everyone was wrong and there might be business opportunities in this seemingly dangerous shrub. Once the opportunities came to mind and the money followed, laws changed and now, in several states, its legalized for personal use. In many more states, it’s popping up on ballots and it’s starting to feel like it’s only a matter of time before it’s legalized nationwide.

Online gambling is starting to be on the exact same path as casino sites are picking up popularity and investors. A little over a year ago, Forbes noticed the trend of large amounts of money moving into online gaming and gambling as Activision Blizzard acquired app maker King Games, which had made such monster hits such as the Candy Crush Saga and FarmVille Saga – both heavily featured in-app purchases –, for an estimated $5.9 billion. At roughly the same time, deregulation of online gambling continued to expand with several states legalizing forms of online gambling with New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia starting these trends.

Opportunities of the online casino sites

Much like the marijuana revolution, opportunities are opening across the internet, with most casino sites choosing to categorize themselves as gaming rather than gambling.  Using various sites and trying to navigate the intricacies of which site has which games can be difficult. So, finding one place to track everything and building a brand relationship is usually the simplest way to do it. A site like is a solution to the issue being spread so thin. It tracks the release dates of various games and links to the top casino sites and applies bonuses for users who choose to use them.

As online gaming and sports betting evolves over the next few years, having one site to stay on and using it to keep track of all the various games and online casinos is one of the wiser choices in the short and long term. Now that regulations are loosening and revenue opportunities are opening up for investors, there will likely be an explosion of gaming sites where all will be trying to vie for the consumer’s hard earned dollars, and the most likely winner will be one that does more than just let the consumer gamble away their fortune. The ones that will likely succeed will be the ones that offer services as well as fun opportunities to play games, ones that help users make the most of their dollars by applying bonuses for being a loyal customer and reward its clients with a steady stream of content to be enjoyed for years to come.