The internet success formula is pretty simple: Create interesting and useful content + garner traffic = profit from all the ads and affiliate marketing links. However, as anyone who has tried to implement it, you will soon find that every part of this process requires painstaking perseverance and discipline.  And even then, you may not see a single dime in many months.

The problem is that so many people have access to the internet now that not only has the number of content consumers drastically increased (which is good), but also the number of content creators as well (which is not so good).

Nowadays, in order to garner a substantial audience with your blog, and monetize it successfully, you will have to deploy a broad arsenal of tricks. Fortunately, there are some notable exceptions from which it can be extracted valuable lessons.

1. Broke Millennial

Thanks to the notorious success of the previous boomer generation, the millennial generation is in deep trouble. No matter how much you want to work and gain financial independence, everything is now super expensive while the wages are insufficient for a home that you could’ve previously earned with a high school diploma.

This is a story with which dozens of millions can relate to, thus creating a sense of comradery and loyalty. Additionally, it greatly helps if you keep up churning regular, insightful content, and if you are an attractive woman.

2. Four Hour Work Week

That’s right, 4 hours per week, not per day. Who doesn’t dream about such an efficient lifestyle in which fewer hours than there are in a day can pay for entire monthly expenses? The only thing better than that would be winning the lottery.

Tim Ferris is all about life hacks, tricks and deployment of tools that create shortcuts and make everything more efficient. Tim built his fortune on blogging, which then grew into a book, which then expanded into highly sought-after tours.

Lesson – people seek shortcuts for everything. If you have something useful and actionable to contribute, share it with the world.

3. Keto Connect

Have you heard of ketogenic diet? A truly miraculous way of eating that eliminates carbs while promoting healthy fats. It is known on a molecular level why keto melts excess weight, clears up brain fog, increases longevity, cures epilepsy, diabetes, and prevents dozens of other fatal diseases.

It turns out that embarrassing the corrupt medical establishment, which has been pushing for bunk science for decades, can become quite a lucrative project.

Lesson – find an untapped niche that has a bottomless well to siphon off. Think of all the delicious recipes, products, kitchenware, explanatory videos, and various tips about the most important aspect of health – diet.

4. Distilled Dollar

Economics is such a complex, divisive subject, yet it pretty much determines every aspect of life, even the religious and political. Wouldn’t it be great if all the economic concepts are distilled into an actionable advice that has a good track record?

This was the mission of the Distilled Dollar, and it accomplished it with huge success.

Lesson – reduce the complexity in people’s lives and create content over which you have some measure of mastery.

To conclude, in order to gain financial independence via internet, you need to:

  • Consistently create content, preferably one you like.
  • Create content that is useful; the more particular a niche is the better, as it will likely be unsaturated.
  • Interconnect with other platforms – social media, video platforms, ebooks.
  • Embed subtle monetization, something people would do anyway and it costs them nothing. Affiliate marketing for recommended products should be just such foundation.
  • Don’t be aggressive in your monetization efforts. Let it come naturally. People can sense desperation and will be turned off.