Maybe you want to spread out on a tropical beach and soak in the sunshine with a cocktail in your hand. Perhaps you imagine an enormous city full of exciting food to eat, music to hear and people to talk to. Whatever the destination happens to be, you don’t want to empty your bank account to get there. These tips will help you whittle down the costs of getting a flight, planning the trip and enjoying yourself when you finally arrive.

Pick your travel days wisely!

Plane tickets will probably be the first significant purchase you make for your dream vacation. If you’re strategic about your flight choice, you can get an amazing deal right off the bat. For example, one of the ways to save on family vacations is to pick flight times that won’t be popular with other travelers — plane rides set in early-morning and late-night hours will be cheaper and less crowded.

 There are similar perks to picking days of the week that other world travelers won’t like. Fridays and Sundays tend to be the most in-demand days and subsequently have higher prices — weekdays are usually the cheapest days to fly for international locations, with Tuesdays being a consistent, economical choice. Tuesdays are usually a good time to buy as well since airlines often release their weekly sale rates on this specific day.

 Avoid the airport hikes!

If you’re not careful, you can put a dent in your wallet before you even land at your destination. Airports are notoriously expensive and have sky-high prices for everything you would normally purchase without blinking an eye.

Taxi services, limousine pickups and rental cars are two of the biggest airport expenses that you can deal with — these will have high costs and long wait-times to boot since other travelers will be lining up to do the same thing. You can also avoid pickup services and rental cars by using public transit to get to the airport and your accommodations during your vacation.

To steer clear from unnecessary costs on food, eat before you go to the airport and bring packaged snacks in your carry-on that will make it through security clearance. Drink water from the fountains and wait for the coffee that comes with your flight.

Focus on free experiences!

Don’t feel pressured to go to typical tourist sites that will cost you most of your travel budget. One of the best ways to save money while traveling is to explore areas that don’t come with price tags — walk through the natural trails of national parks and relax on the sands of beautiful beaches. When you go off the beaten path instead of following the crowd, you can spend less and get a real taste of the place you’re visiting.

Save ahead of time!

The more you scrounge and save in the present, the more amazing possibilities you leave open in the future. Instead of going out to an expensive restaurant or concert at home, think about putting that money away for food and entertainment during your vacation. It may feel like a sacrifice at the time, but you will appreciate having more pocket money when you’re there.  

There is a possibility that an unpredictable problem pops up right before your important departure. Whether it is a burst pipe or a stalling car, there are last-minute borrowing solutions that can get these issues solved before you leave — an installment loan can get you out of a tough situation in a short amount of time. When you come back from your trip, you can deal with the flexible payment terms on a convenient schedule. This is the simple way that a company like MoneyKey can help you before you need to pack your bags. To avoid running into this problem again, people should leave space in their budget for vacation spending and unforeseen expenses.

Traveling doesn’t have to feel like an intangible luxury for people with years-worth of savings in the bank. If you make the right choices, you can easily afford to take the trip that you have been dreaming about. Soon enough, you will step off a freshly-landed plane and into a brand-new adventure.