valentine´s day gifts

It’s a good thing Valentine’s Day comes just once a year. It’s expensive! Last year, the average person spent roughly $580 on Valentine’s Day gift for their significant other. And while stereotypical gifts of roses, jewellery, and chocolates are always popular, more people are wrapping up tech for their SO each year.

Tech is notoriously expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re worried about how you can impress your SO without busting your budget, check out this guide. It offers affordable tech that’s guaranteed to show them how much you care.

A smaller smart home

While some smart home docks and personal assistant gadgets run up a gigantic bill, you don’t have to liquidate your assets to gift your honey the convenience of a smart home. The Amazon Echo Dot is both smaller and less expensive than the full-sized Amazon Echo.

Though a fraction of the size and price, the Dot Echo has many of the same features as most other smart home devices. It can connect with any other smart device in your home, including sound systems, appliances, and light switches.

Your SO can also connect it with their phone, giving Alexa full access to their calendar and contacts. With a simple voice command, they can send off a text, be reminded of their next appointment, or hear the weather.

A customized decal

Whether they have the latest iPhone XS Max, the first generation Pixel, or a Huawei Mate 20 they bought outside of the US (thanks to the ban), a decal is a great present for your loved one. Also known as a skin, a decal is simultaneously fun and practical.

A company like dbrand tailor-makes each design, so an iPhone skin wraps perfectly around the device — leaving no overlaps or gaps. The same goes for each Pixel skin, Mate 20 skin, and any other gadget you want to cover. This precision means everything but the touchscreen is covered in a grime-resistant and scratch free material that also happens to improve your grip.

You can customize the look of these iPhone skins, choosing the perfect color or texture for your honey. To find options like black marble, black camo, and carbon fiber, check this out. It’s a convenient online skin builder that lets you see what your selection looks like in real time.

A streaming stick

If you have plans to Netflix and chill this Valentine’s Day, make streaming easy with a streaming dongle. Something like the Roku stick plugs into any TV’s HDMI port, turning any television into a one-stop shop for streaming.

It connects with the Internet to stream over 3,000 channels, plus all the usual streaming apps you’re used to. Once plugged in, it shows video and audio content from a variety of apps, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime — even if your TV doesn’t have these subscriptions built in.

The stick connects with any phone or tablet, making it easy to pause a movie or switch between streams with a touch of a finger. It’s a convenient gift they’ll appreciate for months to come, even if you have no plans to watch TV on the 14th.

And there you have it — proof that you don’t have to drop a fortune to land an amazing tech gift. If you’re on a budget, you aren’t stuck with cheap gizmos or useless contraptions. You can wrap up a fun and practical techie gift without spending a lot of money if you know where to look. A smart home hub, iPhone skin, and streaming stick is a great start. Find something affordable and interesting this Valentine’s Day.