Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a while now, and it remains one of the best online marketing strategies for reaching out and building relationship with your potential and returning customers. Studies have shown that over 9 billion people use one email software or the other; about 91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis, while close to 86% of consumers admitted they would like to receive promotional emails from companies with which they do business. The reason they all use email marketing is to gradually move their prospects from one stage of sales funnel to the next level with the ultimate goal of increasing their conversion rates.

The challenge, however, is that managing the different stages of email marketing by yourself can be overwhelming, and may have untoward impacts on your desired results. Although, there are several email marketing software out there that can help make the entire process easy for you, outsourcing your email campaign process to a capable email marketing agency is the sure-fire way to quick results. Of course, engaging the service of an email marketing agency can help you speed up your sales cycle beyond your imagination.

The caveat here is you must be sure to leave your email campaigns in the hand of a capable and reliable agency that has all the expertise required to give you real value for your money. If this idea sounds great to you and you’re looking for a reliable email marketing agency that can help you to drive email marketing campaigns that guarantee success for your business, Emma is the number one online base agency for you. Emma can make your email marketing campaign better and more rewarding with its top-notch email marketing software.

If you’re still wondering how Emma can help you generate more leads and increase your customer base, here is how:

Lead Magnets

Emma email marketing software can help you to create a working strategy for developing your email list. This is done using lead magnets, where you entice visitors to your site to provide you with their email address in exchange for something of value. Some common lead magnets include free guides, checklists, quizzes, and eBooks, among others.


With Emma email marketing software, you can implement workable call-to-actions to promote your lead magnets. Your call-to-action strategies will help you convert visitors to your website into email subscribers. Some common website call-to-actions are: website pop-up forms, floating headers, sidebar forms, etc.

Advertising Campaigns

You can use Emma email marketing software to run advertising campaigns to promote your lead magnets. This will direct traffic to your website. Some of the people who opt-in to your email list will soon become your loyal customers.

Email Newsletters

Emma can help you to design unique email newsletters that reflect your kind of business. The software will ensure you have emails with high deliverability, better open rates, improved click-through-rates, and increased conversions. The content in your emails may include blogs, case studies, or upcoming events, depending on your needs.

Email Marketing Metrics

Emma email marketing software will provide you daily, weekly and monthly breakdowns of your email marketing performance. It will be easier for you to measure metrics such as number or subscribers, open-rates, click-through rates, and conversions. These metrics can help you to improve your results subsequently.

Thus, if you want to grow your business using the best email marketing software on the market, get in touch with Emma today. Emma offers affordable and effective email marketing services, low-risk contracts, less spending, and more business incomes.

No doubt, Emma email marketing services is your dependable outreach for businesses looking to increase their return on investment (ROI).