Soccer is the number one favorite sport in the world with over 3.5 billion fans. Much like any other sport, its statistics are carefully tracked and documented. Less than 3 decades ago, there were only a few statistics that were documented such as ball possessions, shots on target, goals, wins, losses, and draws. Just the basics. That was mainly because they were easy to track. Today, thanks to advanced sports technology, every little detail of a soccer match can be easily tracked, documented, and analyzed. This information is valuable for the purpose of history and future match predictions. There are several ways to track soccer match statistics and trends, some of which include following live matches to get real-time statistics, ranking, sports news, and manual research.

Live Statistics 

It is now possible to get accurate technical statistics in real-time as a match is going on. These statistics reflect everything that goes on during a match down to the smallest details such as distance covered by a player, wind speed, wind direction, current whether, average points per game, ball possession, goals, assists, number of successful passes, and so much more. This is all possible with the aid of sports technology companies. These companies combine manual entry by people called observers with high-tech systems. Live soccer statistics can be found on reliable websites such as SoccerStats247. One of the benefits of live statistics is that people who are unable to actually watch the match can follow it from their mobile devices or computers. Every detail is updated as it happens. 


Ranking is done across all industries, not just in sports. It is done by collating all the statistics of soccer leagues or cups and then positioning them according to performance. The best teams have the highest ranks. Ranking is done in descending order. One of the best benefits of ranking is that it allows anyone to know the best performing teams with one glance. SoccerStats247 follows over 250 leagues and cups from all around the world. Its sophisticated algorithms provide winning and losing trends with just a few clicks. 

Sports News Sources

Sports news outlets provide soccer match statistics and trends. Although the information dispensed is usually condensed for TV, radio, website, or newspaper, news outlets offer a perspective to their consumers. This perspective helps people in making sense of the data, especially if they are not soccer fans. 

Manual Research 

This is the most intensive way to track soccer statistics and trends. It involves manually going through hours of matches, combing through past records to get a better picture of the teams and their morale, and reviewing multiple sports news outlets and websites. Manual research would mostly only be done by extreme enthusiasts or bettors who are extra diligent. 


The easiest way to track soccer match statistics and trends is by relying on reputable soccer websites such as SoccerStats247. All relevant soccer information is available regardless of where the match is taking place in the world.