Smoking weed is becoming more and more popular by the day, and not just because governments around the world are starting to legalize recreational and medical cannabis. It is starting to become a passion for tons of people. Instead of indulging in a delicious craft beer and trying out a new brew every weekend, why not go to the dispensary and see what new strains are being offered? There is much less negative stigma towards marijuana use now that people are realizing it actually can benefit health and there are essentially no risks when lighting up.

If you are one of the lucky Canadians who recently became allowed to purchase and smoke recreational weed, you are probably starting to realize that there are so many amazing strains out there. Each strain offers something new and exciting and cannabis can quickly turn into a hobby or even a passion. Not only can Canadians purchase weed, but most provinces have granted the power to grow four recreational plants or even hundreds of medical plants (learn more about medical growing within Canada). But before you start buying or growing weed, check out the top five cannabis strains to try before you die no matter what your weed preferences are.


Some of the best weed in the world originates in the Middle East, and Afghani is no exception. This indica-dominant strain has been around since the beginning of weed cultivation and it is commonly used a variety of medical treatments. People suffering from anxiety disorder, insomnia, chronic pain, and any stress-related issues.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush ranks high in the weed community for its sweet flavors and happy high. Smoking a little bit of this indica strain will have you feeling relaxed and even euphoric in no time. Coffee lovers will enjoy subtle coffee and chocolate undertones, but nothing can beat that dreamy state it leaves you in.

Ghost Train Haze

If you have never smoked Ghost Train Haze you are missing out big time. This sativa is a result of crossbreeding the potent Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. Growers love this stuff because the flowering phase leads to dense thick buds covered in shiny crystals and resin. Many smokers enjoy GTH for its high THC content which helps in treating pain, nausea, anxiety and depression. If you smoke just a touch of this you might even feel an increase in your productivity.

Laughing Buddha

This tree-like sativa is an ideal choice for growers and smokers alike. You’ll feel like you’re taking a trip to a tropical paradise when you take a puff of Laughing Buddha; it has flavors reminiscent of sweet fruits and potent spices.

OG Kush

The famous OG Kush has been popular among the California weed-smoking population for decades, and here’s why. Not only does it have strong genetics that have been used to create tons of strains over time, it produces a stress-relieving euphoric high that most cannabis users are seeking. It also smells amazing and has a yummy flavor a blend of earthy pine and citrus lemon.